[PoE] 3.4.3e Patch Notes





  • Added a search box to the Subterranean Chart. You can now search for encounter names, rewards and depth levels.

Subterranean Chartに検索欄を追加しました。



  • Reduced the damage of the Turong’s dash skill as it was dealing much more damage than intended.



  • Pitworms can now be damaged while in Darkness.



  • Right-clicking in the Microtransaction Shop no longer counts as if you had left-clicked.



  • The “Shaped” Zana crafting options now correctly require you to have any 5 or 10 Memory Fragments before they unlock, rather than a specific set of Memory Fragments.



  • Fixed a bug where the “Defeat Ahuatotli, the Blind without gaining more than 5 stacks of Darkness Debuff” challenge would fail to complete if you had gained Darkness stacks prior to the boss encounter, such as while being escorted by the Crawler.

「Defeat Ahuatotli, the Blind without gaining more than 5 stacks of Darkness Debuff」チャレンジにおいて、Crawlerにエスコートされている時など、ボス戦の前に闇スタックを溜めると失敗してしまうバグを修正しました。


  • Warped Regurgitators can no longer be spectred. This prevents a bug where some spectred Warped Regurgitators spawned a zombie corpse when entering an area. This zombie corpse used an invisible Soul Mortar skill which could kill players in Hideouts.

Warped Regurgitatorsはスペクターにできなくなります。

これはスペクターにされたWarped Regurgitatorsがエリアに入場した時にゾンビ死体を生成するバグを防ぐためです。

このゾンビ死体は、HideoutでプレイヤーをKillできてしまう目に見えないSoul Mortarスキルを使います。


  • Fixed a bug where Minions would sometimes stop following the player and fail to take actions when targetting nearby monsters.



  • Fixed a bug where Toxic Rain fired from a temporary source such as Mirage Archer or Ranged Attack Totem did not grant kill credit to the player if that source no longer existed when the kill occurred.

Mirage ArcherやRanged Attack Totemのような一時的な発射元から放たれたToxic Rainが、発射元の存在しないタイミングでKillを発生させるとプレイヤーのKillにならないバグを修正しました。


  • Fixed a bug where Smite’s area of effect could be placed in the wrong location if used while targeting yourself.



  • Fixed a bug where Mjölner would not trigger Orb of Storms when you hit an enemy.

Mjölnerが敵に攻撃をHitさせてもOrb of Stormsをトリガーしないバグを修正しました。


  • Fixed a bug where Rogue Exiles in the Azurite Mine had a longer attack range than intended.

Azurite鉱山のRogue Exileが意図したよりも長い射程で攻撃していたバグを修正しました。


  • Fixed a bug where Grandmasters could not move to a location if that action didn’t also involve a skill.





それと、Azurite鉱山の両手剣持ちRogue Exileが超遠距離Double Strikeをしてきて何度も危険な目に遭っていたので修正されて良かったです。

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