[PoE] Incursion Patch Notes, Passive Tree and Item Filter Information












The Incursion Challenge League






Major New Content and Features


  • Added a new Strength gem – Vaal Earthquake: Smash the ground, dealing damage in an area and cracking the earth. The crack will erupt in a powerful aftershock after a short delay. Your steps will deal damage around you for a duration, cracking the earth if the previous cracks have erupted.

新しいStrジェムの追加 – Vaal Earthquake






  • Added a new Intelligence gem – Vaal Blight: Apply a powerful debuff which deals chaos damage over time to enemies around. Then apply two additional layers in a larger area, growing greatly in size each time. Enemies are also substantially hindered, slowing their movement for a shorter secondary duration.

新しいIntジェムの追加 – Vaal Blight







  • Added a new Dexterity gem – Vaal Blade Vortex: Create an independently-moving vortex of ethereal blades which last for a duration. The vortex moves towards nearby enemies, repeatedly damaging enemies that it passes through.

新しいDexジェムの追加 – Vaal Blade Vortex

効果時間の間、独立して移動するBlade Vortexを作り出します。




  • Added a new Strength/Intelligence gem – Vaal Impurity of Fire: Casts an aura that reduces fire damage taken and provides ignite immunity to you and nearby allies, and makes hits against nearby enemies ignore their fire resistance.

新しいStr/Intジェムの追加 – Vaal Impurity of Fire





  • Added a new Dexterity/Intelligence gem – Vaal Impurity of Ice: Casts an aura that reduces cold damage taken and provides freeze and chill immunity to you and nearby allies, and makes hits against nearby enemies ignore their cold resistance.

新しいDex/Intジェムの追加 – Vaal Impurity of Ice





  • Added a new Intelligence gem – Vaal Impurity of Lightning: Casts an aura that reduces lightning damage taken and provides shock immunity to you and nearby allies, and makes hits against nearby enemies ignore their lightning resistance.

新しいIntジェムの追加 – Vaal Impurity of Lightning





  • Added a new Dexterity/Intelligence gem – Charged Traps Support: Supported trap skills have a chance to gain frenzy and power charges when your traps are triggered by an enemy. Also grants increased trap throwing speed per frenzy charge and added critical strike multiplier for traps per power charge.

新しいDex/Intジェムの追加 – Charged Traps Support

トラップスキルをサポートすると、敵によってトラップが発動した時にFrenzy ChargeとPower Chargeを確率で獲得できるようになります。

また、Frenzy Charge毎にTrap Throwing Speedも上昇し、Power Charge毎にCritical Strike Multiplierも追加されます。



  • Added a new Dexterity/Intelligence gem – Flamethrower Trap: Throw a trap that releases a number of flames in different directions around it when triggered. The flames last for a duration, rotating around the trap and repeatedly dealing damage. Burning enemies are dealt more damage.

新しいDex/Intジェムの追加 – Flamethrower Trap



Burning状態の敵に対してはmore damageが発生します。



  • Added a new Dexterity/Intelligence gem – Seismic Trap: Throw a trap which, once triggered, repeatedly releases a number of waves for a duration. Each wave deals damage in a series of small bursts in a line, ending with a larger burst. Modifiers to cast speed affect how frequently it releases waves.

新しいDex/Intジェムの追加 – Seismic Trap



Cast Speedのmodはウェーブが発生する頻度へ影響を与えられます。



  • Added a new Dexterity/Intelligence gem – Explosive Trap: Throw a trap that creates a large explosion when triggered, dealing spell damage in an area. A number of smaller explosions occur around this area in quick succession after the first.

新しいDex/Intジェムの追加 – Explosive Trap






  • Added a new Intelligence/Dexterity gem – Siphoning Trap: Throw a trap that applies debuff beams to a number of nearby enemies for a duration. The beams chill and deal cold damage over time. A beam is also applied to you, granting life and mana regeneration based on the number of debuff beams affecting enemies.

新しいInt/Dexジェムの追加 – Siphoning Trap






  • Added a new Intelligence/Dexterity gem – Lightning Spire Trap: Throw a trap which, once triggered, will repeatedly strike multiple areas around it for a duration, dealing lightning damage. Modifiers to cast speed affects how frequently it strikes. Has a higher chance to critically strike shocked enemies.

新しいInt/Dexジェムの追加 – Lightning Spire Trap


Cast Speedのmodは叩きつける頻度へ影響を与えられます。




  • Added new corrupted implicits which can appear on items corrupted by Vaal orbs, bringing the total to approximately 176. Many of the old implicits were buffed or moved to different items, and some were disabled. Generally, corrupted implicits are now more powerful on average.

新しいCorrupted Implicitを追加しました。

アイテムにVaal Orbを使うことで現れます。

これでCorrupted Implicitの数の合計がおおよそ176になりました。


全体的にCorrupted Implicitsはさらに強力になりました。



  • Added a new feature – Always Attack Without Moving: This feature prevents your character from moving while using skills where this is toggled on, as if you are holding down your “Attack in Place” key. This can be toggled on and off of individual skills in the skill bar. This feature can also be used on movement skills to prevent the skill from “namelocking” (ie. locking onto an enemy).

新しい機能の追加 – Always Attack Without Moveing

この機能をオンにするとスキルを使っている間、「Attack in Place」キーを押し続けている時のようにキャラクターが移動するのを防いでくれます。








Minor New Content and Features


Added 39 new Labyrinth Enchantments for existing skills, and 43 for new skills. Enchantments for existing skills which have undergone significant reworking may not appear any more due to mechanical changes making them nonfunctional, such as enchantments which modify the cooldown of trap skills. Existing versions of these enchantments will now grant increased damage with that skill at the same value.





既にアイテムへ付与されているエンチャントについては、そのスキルのincreased damageのエンチャントへと置き換えられます。



  • Added 6 dangerous new Nemesis mods.

新しく6つの危険なNemesis modを追加しました。



  • Ground effects of all types (such as chilled ground) have been updated. They should be clearer to see and better for performance.





  • World and Map areas can now have multiple sub-areas. This means you can now, for example, find a Zana mission in the same map as a Labyrinth trial, Abyssal Depths, or an Elder Guardian. Please note that only the most recently opened sub-area of any given area will stay open indefinitely, and others will eventually expire as if it were any other inactive instance. Expired sub-areas become inaccessible, rather than simply resetting.


つまり、同じマップ内でZanaミッション、Labyrinthトライアル、Abyssal Depths、Elderガーディアンを見つけることができるようになります。







Character Balance


  • Modifiers to skill duration no longer modify the duration of traps, totems or mines, but will continue to modify the duration of skills cast by traps, totems and mines if those skills have a duration.

Skill Durationを変更してもトラップ、トーテム、マインの効果時間へ影響を与えなくなります。




  • Ignite now deals 50% of the igniting hit’s damage per second over 4 seconds (up from 40% per second).




  • You can now have up to 15 traps active at a time (up from 3).





Skill Balance


  • Supports which cause skills to create traps, totems or mines will no longer grant that skill the duration tag.







  • The interaction between trap skills with cooldowns and sources of additional traps thrown (such as the Multiple Traps or Cluster Trap Supports) has been changed, and now work as they did with Vaal Lightning Trap previously. Namely, additional traps can only be thrown if the skill has at least one extra trap cooldown stockpiled, and only as many additional traps will be thrown as there are cooldowns stockpiled. In other words, if you have three Seismic Traps stockpiled and have the Shaper’s additional trap glove mod, you’ll throw two traps and consume two Seismic Trap cooldowns. If you only have two cooldowns stockpiled and attempt to throw three Seismic Traps via the Multitrap support, you will only throw two traps.

トラップスキルのクールダウンと(Multiple TrapsやCluster Trap Supportsによって)追加で投げられるトラップとの関係性は変更されました。

以前のVaal Lightning Trapのように動作するようになります。


言い換えるなら、3つのSeismic Trapがストックされていて、Shaper手袋に「additional trap」modがあるなら、2つのトラップを投げて2つのSeismic Trapクールダウンを消費します。

もし2つのクールダウンしかストックされてなく、Multi Trap Supportによって3つのトラップを投げようとしても、実際には2つのトラップしか投げられません。


  • As a result of this change to trap cooldowns, the following trap skills no longer have a cooldown: Fire Trap, Lightning Trap, Ice Trap.


Fire Trap、Lightning Trap、Ice Trap。






Passive Tree Balance


  • There were two primary goals with the passive tree adjustments: Provide more power to ignite builds without providing more power to other burning damage builds, and rebalance trap and mine passives. To that end, most of the reductions to trap and mine passives occur to trap throwing speed and mine placement speed. This was to bring them more closely in line with cast speed. Trap cooldown recovery was also targeted, as many bread-and-butter traps no longer have cooldowns, and the traps introduced in this patch are strong enough to warrant their longer cooldowns.




そのため、トラップとマインのパッシブの大半において、Trap Throwing SpeedとMine Placement Speedが減少されます。

これはCast Speedにより近づけるためのものです。

Trap Cooldown Recoveryも対象となります。







Ascendancy Balance


  • The Elementalist’s Beacon of Ruin now proliferates elemental ailments in a radius of 18 (up from 12). It no longer grants 20% increased effect of non-damaging ailments, and instead grants 20% more damage with ignite.

ElementalistのBeacon of RuinはProliferation効果の範囲が18となります。(12から増加しました。)

「20% increased effect of non-damaging ailments」は無くなり、代わりに「20% more damage with ignite」を持ちます。



  • Each of the Saboteur’s passives which previously granted increased elemental damage now grant increased trap and mine damage instead.

以前まで「increased Elemental Damage」となっていたSaboteurの各パッシブは「increased Trap and Mine Damage」となります。



  • Each of the Saboteur’s small passives which previously granted 8% increased trap throwing speed now grant 5% increased trap throwing speed.

以前まで「8% increased Trap Throwing Speed」となっていたSaboteurの小さなパッシブは「5% increased Trap Throwing Speed」となります。



  • Each of the Saboteur’s small passives which previously granted 8% increased mine laying speed now grant 5% increased mine laying speed.

以前まで「8% increased Mine Laying Speed」となっていたSaboteurの小さなパッシブは「5% increased Mine Laying Speed」となります。



  • The Saboteur’s Perfect Crime now grants 10% increased cooldown recovery speed for throwing traps (down from 20%).

SaboteurのPerfect Crimeは「10% increased Cooldown Recovery Speed for Throwing Trap」となります。(20%から下がります。)



  • The Saboteur’s Chain Reaction now grants 15% increased cooldown recovery speed for throwing traps (down from 30%).

SaboteurのChain Reactionは「15% increased Cooldown Recovery Speed for Throwing Traps」となります。(30%から下がりました。)




Item Balance


  • The “detonates nearby corpses” mod on strongboxes will now detonate corpses more quickly.

Strongboxの「detonates nearby corpses」modによる死体爆破はもっと素早く行われるようになります。



  • The 5-for-1 magic or rare vendor recipe no longer maintains Shaper/Elder item status.





Unique Item Balance


  • Stormfire: The “increased Burning Damage for each Enemy you have Shocked Recently” mod now only applies to enemies that were not already shocked. The description has been updated to clarify this.


「increased Burning Damage for each Enemy you have Shocked Recently」modはShockになっていない敵をShockにした時のみ適用されるようになりました。




  • Dyadus: No longer has the mod “Enemies chilled by you take 100% increased burning damage”. Dyadus now has “100% increased Damage with Ignites inflicted on Chilled Enemies”.


「Enemies chilled by you take 100% increased Burning Damage」modを持たなくなります。

「100% increased Damage with Ignites inflicted on Chilled Enemies」を持つようになります。



  • Atziri’s Reign: Now has a limit of 2. Existing copies of this jewel will automaticaly be updated to have this limit.

Atziri’s Reign






Monster Balance


  • Added two new monster types to the Control Blocks in Act 10, as well as to maps. Several existing Kitava-themed monsters have also been added to maps.

2つの新しいモンスタータイプをAct10のControl Blocksへ追加しました。





  • Monsters which use Detonate Dead and Vaal Detonate Dead have been updated to use a version similar to the one used by Alira and Tolman in maps.

Detonate DeadとVaal Detonate Deadを使うモンスターはマップのAliraとTolmanが使うやつに似たバージョンを使うように変更されました。



  • Shivershell now telegraphs that he will use his Detonate Dead skill before he uses it.

ShivershellはDetonate Deadを使うことが事前に分かるようになります。



  • All versions of Alira now have a shorter cast time for her Detonate Dead.

Aliraの全てのバージョンはDetonate Deadのキャストタイムが短くなります。



  • Normal and Magic monsters from Breaches now drop significantly fewer items.




  • Na’em, Bending Stone now deals the same damage with his projectiles at all ranges. The damage has been lowered by 30% to compensate. This skill now has a 4 second cooldown.

Na’em, Bending StoneのProjectile攻撃はどの距離でも同じダメージを与えるようになります。





  • The cast time on Bameth, Shifting Darkness’s Detonate Dead has been lowered.

Bameth, Shifting DarknessのDetonate Deadのキャスタイムは短くなりました。



  • Monsters which use Elemental Hit (such as Vaal Constructs) now use the cool new version.

(Vaal Constructsといった)Elemental Hitを使うモンスターは新しいバージョンを使うようになります。




Map Balance


  • Once you have completed 20 maps while the Elder and its guardians are on your atlas without actually defeating any of them, there is a chance for the Elder and its guardians to disappear and remove the Elder-influence from the maps they were on. This will make it difficult to maintain an “Elder Ring”, but will also allow players who weren’t capable of defeating the Elder or its guardians to clear them from their atlas.



これは「Elder Ring」を維持するのを難しくするためですが、Elderとガーディアンを倒せないプレイヤーがAtlasから彼らを追い出せるようにするためでもあります。



  • Shaper memory fragments XI through to XV no longer require you to defeat the Elder or its guardians in specific map tiers. Instead, defeating each guardian and the elder within ANY red-tier map will get you one of these fragments.





  • You can no longer get Shaper memory fragments XI through to XV from a map if you are not the map’s owner.




  • Zana’s Onslaught mod now also increases monster movement speed. Previously, this was not the case.

ZanaのOnslaught modはモンスターのMovement Speedも増加させるようになります。




  • Pit of the Chimera is now more linear. Has slightly fewer monsters on average now to compensate.

Pit of the Chimeraはより直線的なレイアウトになります。




  • Crystal Ore is also now more linear and has had its monster spawns slightly reduced to compensate.

Crystal Oreもより直線的なレイアウトとなり、代わりにモンスター数が僅かに減少します。



  • The Vaal Temple map can no longer roll the Twinned mod or have the Deadly Twins prophecy trigger on it.

Vaal TempleマップにはTwinned modが付くことがなくなり、ProphecyのDeadly Twinsも発動されなくなります。



  • Malformation’s layout has been significantly reworked to be more pleasant to run.




  • The magic monsters in the Burial Chambers boss room won’t spawn so close to the entrance now.

Burial Chambersのボス部屋にいるMagicモンスター達は入り口に近いところへ湧かなくなります。



  • The Perandus Manor is once again on the Atlas, connected to Chateau.

Perandus Manorは再びAtlas上に表示されます。





Zana League Mods Available During 3.3.0


  • Level 2: Invasion (2c)
  • Level 3: Warbands (3c)
  • Level 4: Anarchy (3c)
  • Level 4: Fortune Favours the Brave: (4c)
  • Level 5: Beyond (4c)
  • Level 6: Domination (4c)
  • Level 7: Abyss (5c)
  • Level 8: Breach (6c)






Skill Revampシリーズで発表されていたスキルが並んでいるのですが、



今のところ来期は、JuggernautでInfernal Blowをしてみようかなと考えています。




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